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Spectrométrie de masse avancée

Teacher :          Pr Laurence Sabatier

                        Laboratory of Bioorganic Mass Spectrometry (LSMBO)

                        Analytical Sciences Department, IPHC

                        E-mail: laurence.sabatier@unistra.fr

Duration: 19h15 (15h45 lectures + 3h30 tutorials)


- Acquire an expertise in the different mass spectrometry techniques and their applications.

- Select the most appropriate equipment and analytical strategy to achieve a goal

- Implement analyses by MS and MS/MS.

- Handle and interpret MS and MS/MS data.

- Writing of reports

- Be recognized as a key expert in LC/MS and GC/MS development



- Further information on ionisation sources, theory and applications (ICP, SIMS, EI, ESI, APCI, APPI, MALDI, DESI, DART, LAESI, PS)

- Further information on mass analyzers (quadrupole, ion trap, time of flight, orbitrap, FT-ICR)

- Ion mobility mass spectrometry

- Isotopic-ratio mass spectrometry

- Hyphenation of separative methods (chromatography, electrophoresis) with mass spectrometry

- Multidimensional mass spectrometry

- Mass spectrometry Imaging

- Mass cytometry

- Interpretation of MS and MS/MS spectra



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