Advanced spectroscopic methods

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Electronic Spectrophotometry: Historical recalls; Molecular orbitals; Far UV and visible; Conditions to accurately acquire and rationalized electronic transitions; electronic transitions in solution: auxochrome effects and Charge transfer band, Analysis; Instrumentation.
· Emission Spectrophotometry: Different luminescence processes; radiative and non radiative processes; photophysical properties; Collision and static quenching, Development of novel fluorescent probes: The case of Iron; Instrumentation.
· Infra Red and Raman spectrophotometry: Instrumentation: choice, advantages and limitations; Molecular vibrational and rotational theory; Recalls on the group theory and interpretation of spectra; Examples; Instrumentation.
· Diffusion RamanSpectrophotometry: Principle of the method; Surface Exaltation; Instrumentation.
· Solid state NMR spectroscopy: Dipolar and quadrupolar coupling, interaction anisotropy, Magic angle spinning, static/orientated samples, some experimental NMR pulse sequences, Applications


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