Asymmetric Synthesis and Retrosynthesis

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Langue de l'enseignement : Français

Description du contenu de l'enseignement

The aim is to provide the highest possible level in organic synthesis, and especially in asymmetric synthesis, so that the students can get a job in pharmaceutical and related companies or pursue an academic carrier in organic synthesis.

The stereo- & enantiocontroled construction of molecules - asymmetric synthesis - has becomen a key part of organic synthesis. The bases of asymmetric synthesis will thus be first provided and then exemplified through various enantioselective total syntheses.
Strategy and retrosynthesis is also a key part of this class. Retrosynthesis rules will first be examined and illustrated, and then applied to selected examples of natural product targets.

Organic Synthesis: context & perspectives
  • History, roles, applications
  • Chirality, complexity
  • Planification, Protecting groups
Asymmetric Synthesis
  • Principes
  • Enantiomer separations
  • Chirons
  • Prochiral substrates
  • Chiral auxiliaries
  • Chiral reagents
  • Asymmetric Catalysis
  • Organocatalysis
Total Syntheses
  • Analysis & retrosynthesis
  • Compared strategies

Compétences à acquérir

  • Analyze & understand scientific publications
  • Develop rigorous scientific arguments
  • Solve complex problem through reasoning and successive approximations
  • Apply reactivity models
  • Validate or not models according to experimental results
  • Capacity to appreciate the limit(s) of a model
  • Design the synthesis of (asymmetric) organic molecules


Faculté de chimie

1, rue Blaise Pascal - BP 20296

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Patrick Pale

MASTER - Chimie