Functional oxides

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The aim of the lecture is to demonstrate the versatility of oxides and their ability to address most of the emerging challenges of the electronics industry.
The lecture will give the students a fundamental understanding of the origin of the broad-ranged electric and magnetic properties of oxides in terms of composition, structure and shaping (bulk, thin films, nanoparticles), in order to enable them to choose the most appropriate candidate for a particular application.

Versatility of oxides: origin of their properties, control, and applications
  • Crystallographic structures
  • Electronic structures
  • Transport properties –Strategies to tune them
  • The various electric and magnetic orderings, multiferroicity, magnetoelectricity
  • Influence of downscaling towards the nanoscale on the electronic and magnetic properties
  • Elaboration methods for nanoscale structures
  • Applications

Compétences à acquérir

  • Ability to understand the issues currently addressed in international journals dedicated to functional oxides
  • Ability to describe the crystallographic structures adopted by most of the functional oxides and to understand the structure-properties relationships
  • Ability to read, understand and use electronic band structures
  • Ability to manipulate the various concepts of ferroicity and the possible coupling between the different orderings: e.g. ferromagnetism, ferroelectricity, multiferroism, magnetoelectricity
  • Awareness of the current challenges in terms of properties for functional oxides and ability choose the most appropriate oxide for a given application
  • Ability to control the properties of oxides through shaping (and variation in size), doping, or strain


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