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Liquides ioniques - Département de Matériaux Organiques

Nom de l'équipe de recherche

Liquides ioniques
Département de Matériaux Organiques

Responsable de l'équipe

Laurent DOUCE

Coordonnées du responsable

Tél :  0 388 107 107
Courriel : laurent.douce@ipcms.u-strasbg.fr
Fax :0 388 107 246

UMR d'appartenance

UMR 7504
IPCMS - Département des matériaux organiques

Thèmes de recherche en cours

Ionic liquid crystals :

  • Rapid development of the field of ionic liquid or molten salt chemistry has occurred over the past decade due to the applications found for ionic liquids as solvents for organic synthesis and catalysis and for electrochemistry. A particularly important group of these materials has been based on salts of imidazolium cations, where the structure of both the cations and their counteranions can be adapted to various processes and to the induction of properties such as mesomorphism. From the perspective of supramolecular chemistry, many avenues still remain to be explored along these lines for the development of new materials with the apllications in nanochemistry, Gene Delivery and sensors and molecular electronics.
  • Our group has been interested in the development of a strategy of synthesis providing access to a wide range of imidazolium derivatives in which the substituents incorporate both rigid and flexible units, so enabling the control of the emergence of mesomorphism, as well as of the particular forms it may take.


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