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Méthodes spectroscopiques avancées

Lecturers:        Dr. Mourad Elhabiri                  Dr. Louise Natrajan                   Pr Burkhard Bechinger

                        elhabiri@unistra.fr         Louise.Natrajan@manchester.ac.uk       bechinger@unistra.fr

Duration: 19h15



Understand the ground rules of several complementary spectroscopic techniques to characterize various systems in solution.

Identify the importance and advantages of each of spectroscopy studied in a given scientific subject

Being able, at the end of the teaching, to explain the principles of these spectroscopic techniques and the observations and phenomena that are associated with them


Electronic Spectrophotometry: Historical recalls; Molecular orbitals; Far UV and visible; Conditions to accurately acquire and rationalized electronic transitions; electronic transitions in solution: auxochrome effects Charge transfer band, Analysis; Instrumentation.

Emission Spectrophotometry: Different luminescence processes; radiative and non radiative processes; photophysical properties; Collision and static quenching, Development of novel fluorescent probes: The case of Iron; Instrumentation.

Infra Red and Raman spectrophotometry: Instrumentation: choice, advantages and limitations; Molecular vibrational and rotational theory; Recalls on the group theory and interpretation of spectra; Examples; Instrumentation.

Diffusion Raman Spectrophotometry: Principle of the method; Surface Exaltation; Instrumentation.

Solid state NMR spectroscopy: Dipolar and quadrupolar coupling, interaction anisotropy, Magic angle spinning, static/orientated samples, some experimental NMR pulse sequences, Applications



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