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Aspect nano en sciences analytiques

Intervenants :           

                        Anne Boos

                        Laboratoire de Reconnaissance et Procédés de Séparation Moléculaire (RePSeM)

                        Département des Sciences Analytiques, IPHC

                                   E-mail : anne.boos@unistra.fr


                        Yannis François

                        Laboratoire de Spectrométrie de Masse des Interactions et des Systèmes

                        Chimie de la Matière Complexe, UMR-CNRS 7140

                                   E-mail : yfrancois@unistra.fr

Durée : 21h



In the term of the lecture, the students should be able:

- To understand the principles used specifically in nanoscale analytical techniques and nanoobjects analysis techniques, the basics of microfluidics, nanochromatography, capillary electrophoresis

- To identify the similarities and differences between the macro and the micro scale techniques

- To practice calculations of some parameters that control the different systems used (electroosmotic flow or theoretical plates height for example)

- To explain the techniques and the problems that could occurred

- To analyse the different kind of recorded signals

- To select or to design a new separation or detection system, to develop a new analytical methods using these nanoscale systems or to analyse nanoobjects

- To integrate different informations to solve an analytical problem


- Introduction. Interests and specificities of nanometric scale. Transport mode, separation modes and dispersion effects

- Microsystem fabrication: choice of the material, fabrication technique, surface modification, design

- Nanoelectrochemistry

- Nanochromatography and capillary electrophoresis: instrumentation and sample preparation

- Advantages and limits

- Microsystems for sample preparation: purification, extraction, pre-treatment of biochemical samples

- Nanometric plateforms : nanoparticules, quantum dots, carbone nanotubes, dendrimeres, etc… Imaging applications.


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- Separation Methods in Microanalytical Systems, J.P. Kutter, Y. Fintschenko, 2006, Ed. CRC Taylor and Francis

- Scientific literature

- L’électrophorèse capillaire, M. Taverna, C. Morin, 2003, Techniques de l’ingénieur