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Commission of the staff

  • Attributions

The commission of the staff studies and proposes solutions to the problems which are subjected to her by the Councilor by every member of staff, on any question where the Council of the faculty has a responsibility to the staff.

  • Composition
Commission of the staff
Quality Function Members
President of the commission
Ex-officio members Director of the Faculty

Administrative person in charge
PINARD Francine

Administrator of the office of the staffs LAINE Pauline

The members IATOSS elected in the council of the Faculty LAINE Pauline

ROUX Martine

COPPE Maurice
Members appointed by the Council 2 professors or study leaders ROHMER Michel, Director UMR 7177
GIUSEPPONE Nicolas, elected Prof. to the Council
2 lecturers or researchers JEANDON Christophe, elected MCF to the Council
SCHURHAMMER Rachel, elected MCF to the Council
Members appointed by all the staffs of every service 1 representative of the staffs of the buying group/store of chemistry
1 representative of the staffs allocated to TP LEVEQUE Laurent
2 representatives of the administrative personnels and the IT specialists SCHNEIDER Marie-Dominique
RUEFF Nathalie
1 representative of the other staffs (welcome, staff of service, staff of maintenance) REISS Hervé
1 representative of the staffs affected in laboratories or scientific common services DECKER Huguette