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Saving and sharing of data


A service of storage of savings is given to the users.


- A FTP service is available on the kyouchou server.
- To use this service you have to have a customer supporting FTPS (secure FTP).
- For the users of Mac OS X, a server of files AFP is available also on kyouchou.
- The authentification on the server is made by means of your identifiers Osiris
- Every user having an account allocated in Chemistry (Faculty, ISIS, UMR7177, UMR7140) arrange 20 Go of personal space.

Instructions and recommendations

- It is essential to proceed to a regular saving of its work.
- If you already have a solution, nothing obliges you to use this one.
- The space assigned to every user being limited, protect only what is really important: your documents, the messaging, your user profiles... Do not protect the applications, the system files and all the elements which entrainent no loss of data.
- The assigned space is personal and you are identified with your account of establishment, do not thus broadcast your identifiers.
- Do not use this space as unique storage for your documents (make a COPY of your data there). The used bay of disks, in spite of the implementation of mechanisms of data protection, is not reliable in 100 %.
- You are responsible for your savings.
- In the case of use of a specialized software (and not of a classic customer FTP), make a restoration of your data after the first saving to assure you that everything takes place correctly.

Tested and validated software

Two free software were tested and work suitably:

- Cobian Backup sous Windows.
- iBackup sous Mac OS X.

You can also reach your data since a customer FTP. The IT service recommends the use of Filezilla.

Space of sharing for the teams

- Every team/laboratory has on the server Haibun of a volume NetBIOS which allows the exchange of data between colleagues.
- These volumes are accessible since Windows/Mac/Unix.
- The used identifiers are identical to those of your accounts in RMN
- The teams which do not arrange account in RMN can make a request with the IT service so that an access is opened to them.
- The procedure of connection is explained here.