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iBackup under Mac OS X

Download of the software

IBackup is available in download on this site. Once downloaded, you just have to click the archive and to copy the iBackup file in the directory Applications of Macintosh HD.


Implementation of the saving

- It is advisable first of all to connect the network reader who will welcome the savings. (Finder - > to Go - > to connect to the server)


- Replace "bridge" by your login Osiris (the same that for the e-mail, VPN, WiFi)

- A login/word of pass is asked you, it is always about your account Osiris.


- Once the phase of authentification validated, a new reader whose name corresponds to your login appears on the desk. You can at this moment launch the iBackup application.

- In the left part of the main window, you can choose the main elements to be protected. In the right window you can make a finer selection of elements. The volume assigned to every user being limited, it is necessary to pay attention on the total volume of the data to be protected (it is indicated at the bottom of the window, 4.7 Go in that case)


- It is then necessary to you to change the file of destination by clicking to Define. It is enough to select the reader connected previously.


- Go then to the iBackup menu and select the preferences. In the part General is the profile to Save.


- The tab Automation allows to define the frequency in which the savings will be made (in the following example, every day at 10 am)


- The tab Connection allows the automatic connection to the network reader. It is advisable to parametrize it as follows:


- On returning to the main window, you can launch at the moment your first saving by clicking to save now.

- It is to note that from now on the software will dash automatically at the hour scheduled to make the saving. There is not manual operation anymore to be realized.

Restauration / consultation des données sauvegardées

- Un profil nommé restaurer est accessible dans la fenêtre principale d’iBackup et vous permet de lancer une restauration de vos données sauvegardées.


- Vous pouvez à tout moment vérifier les fichiers qui ont été copiés en parcourant l’arborescence du dossier backup sur votre lecteur réseau.