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Cobian Backup under Windows

Cobian Backup

Cobian Backup is a software which allows to realize remote savings on a server ftp. It presents several advantages, of which that to be free but also to support the encryption of the data during their transport. It allows on the other hand the saving of files in the course of use.


Download of the software

- The use of the version 9 of Cobian is advised because it does not require additional software to be settled and has all the necessary features. You can get yourselves the version 9 there.


- If however you use Windows 7 or a 64bits operating system , you will have to download the latest version here.

Installation and configuration

- Once the software downloaded, launch the feasible and follow the instructions.


- Choose the type of installation as application (auto-starting up for all the users)


- The installation ends then and you have to see an icon in the shape of mushroom seeming lower right on the taskbar. By double-clicking on this icon you reach the interface of Cobian.


- Once in the interface, return you in the menu tasks then choose new task. In General, fill the information as follows. You are free to change the type of saving, the number of complete copies or still the cycle of the complete savings, but it summits in adequacy with the space which is granted to you.


- In files, you can define elements to be protected by choosing to add - > directory at the level of the source and by selecting the locations where are your documents.


- You can then define the destination by choosing to add - > site FTP. The parameters to be informed are the following ones:


User's name and password are the ones of your account Osiris (e-mail identifiers, VPN, WiFi, ...). Always in the same window, select the regulations SSL and adjust the parameters as this:


Then in Moved forward, mark passive Transfers and Use names of file UTF-8:


- Finally, in Planning, define as you think best the hour and the frequency in which the savings will be executed.


- You can then validate. The task defined previously appears now and you can make a test by choosing the icon execute the selected tasks:


- The saving will run at the moment such as you planned her.