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Access to the volume of shared group

Access under Windows

- Meeting first of all in the explorer Windows, then in the menu options, choose to Connect a network reader.



- Seize the access road in the shared volume (replaced "exlab" by the code RMN of your lab or by the code which will have been you supplies) then click to connect under a name of different user. If you wish that the connection is automatic in every opening of session, leave marked the compartment re-connect in the opening of session.


- Seize user's name and password of your account, then validate.


- You can then click to End. A new reader Z is now available.


Access under Mac OS X

- Choose the Aller menu of Finder, then connect to the server.


- Seize the address of the volume shared in exlab replacement by your code Lab.


- Seize then the data of authentification. The authentification will not be any more asked you if you keep the password in the trousseau.


- You are then connected. A new reader appeared on the desk.