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Forum 2012

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On Wednesday, April 11th, 2012: FORUM Faculty of Chemistry - Companies


  • Skills and Insertion


  • From 9:00 am till 11:30 am: conference followed by a debate
  • From 11:30 am till 3:00 pm: presentation of Master's degrees, the Doctoral School and research laboratories
  • From 3:00 pm till 5:00 pm: Workshops and meetings with experts


  • In the morning (from 9 am till 11:30 am): Atrium - lecture hall AT8 - 16 rue René Descartes
  • Rest of the day: Faculty of Chemistry - 1 rue Blaise Pascal

Participants in the FORUM

  • Anne-Marie CHARRAUD, general ex-reporter of the national Commission of the professional certification.
  • Katia BECK, research analyst Observatory GPEC, Pole formation CCISBR
  • Julien BOURLIER, Pole Energivie
  • Corinne BROCARD, Person in charge Biotechnologies Formations project and Support of Teams Human resources, SANOFI, Vitry-sur-Seine
  • Béatrice BULOU, Department head in the Direction of the education and the initial training of the Region Alsace
  • Gregory BUZOLICH, Director Human resources, RHODIA Chalampé
  • Stéphane CHEREF, Director "Maison de l'Emploi" Saint-Louis / Altkirch
  • Sylvestre GUG, Chemistry foundation of the University of Strasbourg
  • Grégory HEBINGER, Creator of an innovative start-up, Varistart
  • Frédérique KEHLETTER, MILLIPORE Molsheim
  • Joseph KLEINPETER, director of the ASPA
  • Caroline KUHN, ROCHE BALE (Swiss)
  • Jean-Pierre LAVIELLE, Chairman of the Board, President of CCI South Alsace Mulhouse
  • Nelly MARGOTTON, Councils and training, Phédon company
  • Marina PATROUCHEVA, Project manager Formation, Loaded with partnerships Écoles-Entreprises, CCI of Region Alsace, Direction Formation
  • David POCIC, Pole Fibers (Pole of competitiveness Alsace / Lorraine)
  • Yannick SANDER, TREDI Strasbourg
  • Vincent SCHWAAB, Consultant Life Sciences, ASSYSTEM Engineering & Operation Services
  • Olivier WEYMANN, Director Factory SOPREMA of Strasbourg

Chairman of the Board, President of CCI South Alsace Mulhouse