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Forum 2011

The Faculty of chemistry organized on June 15th, 2011 its annual 1st forum Faculty/companies. It had for theme " The training course and the occupational integration "

"Within the framework of" the company internship " what can be the roles and postures of the student, his teachers and its guardian (before, during and after the training course) to obtain an optimal efficiency? "

The "training course" in company (or in research laboratory) is above all an educational plan. Its efficiency will be associated with the roles and the postures of each.

To approach this question, we shall respect the chronology of the development of the skills of the student: before - During - After the training course.

The first period will be the object of a first Round Table, the next two periods will be discussed during the second Round Table.

  • Round Table N°1:

" BEFORE the training course, the roles of each and their impact "

  • Round Table N°2:

" During and after the training course, the roles of each to capitalize the experience"

See the program of the day: