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Post-doc à BioCIS, Chatenay-Malabry, dans l'équipe pharmacognosie/substances naturelles, février 2020


Offre de post-doc dans l’équipe SOMHet (UMR 7200) à la faculté de Pharmacie de Strasbourg/Illkirch

Several Ph.D and Post Doc positions open in the framework of an ERC starting grant at HUJI Jerusalem, Israël

We are looking for excellent Ph.D and Post Doc students in the domain of organic and organo-metallic synthesis for our research on cavitand-based catalysts

Cavitands are macrocyclic organic molecules containing an internal void (cavity), accessible for suitable guest molecules. Similarly to metalloenzymes, by introducing a metal-functionalized core at the bottom of these cavities, cavitands can provide a well-defined coordination environment around a reactive metal center together with a site isolation. This could allow reactions which are not easily feasible like selective hydroxylation of heavy alkane which can revolutionized the petrochemical industry. In our lab we are working on the synthesis of such cavitands and also on inducing within their walls a chemical environment different from the outside medium. This can allow for instance hosting hydrophobic molecules inside water soluble cavitands. This could lead to the development of additional chemical reaction otherwise unfeasible at an industrial scale.

Contact: Yuri Tulchinsky