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[ RMN ] Service of Nuclear magnetic resonance

Person in charge of the Service

Engineer of study in CNRS

Coordinates of the service

Phone : 03 68 85 17 23
Fax :
03 68 85 17 24

Mailing address :
Service of RMN, Institute of Chemistry
1, rue Blaise Pascal – F-67008 Strasbourg Cedex
Basement of the low building of the Tower of Chemistry


Tower of Chemistry, 1 rue Blaise Pascal, basement

Main activities

Analysis and expertise in RMN
An equipment, a know-how and a high-level expertise in RMN allow to propose molecular structural analyses with a strong impact in chemistry, biology and pharmacy.

Training and teaching RMN

The Service proposes trainings in RMN to the students, the PhD students, the comments-PhD students and the researchers of the Institute of Chemistry.
The service also proposes training courses within the framework of the continuing education of the University of Strasbourg (academic and industrial public).

Link: http://www.unistra.fr/formation-continue/stage/fr-rne-0673021v-pr-acv-386-2591

Staff of the service

Lionel Allouche
Engineer CNRS
email : allouche@unistra.fr

Jean-Daniel Sauer
email : jdsauer@unistra.fr

Maurice Coppe
email : mcoppe@unistra.fr

Bruno Vincent
email : bvincent@unistra.fr


The instrumental park of the service of RMN consists of 5 high-resolution spectrometers BRUKER.
The access to spectrometers is made through an online booking service
http://www-chimie.u-strasbg.fr/rmn/ or of a demand via an electronic form.

Request of analysis

Fill the document "Demande d’analyse" and deposit it to the Service RMN

Instrumental park

  • Spectrometer Bruker Avance III - 600 MHz
    Probe 1H-X opposite 5 mm                                  (with 31P < X < 103Rh)
    Probe X-1H-19F 5 mm                                       (with  31P < X < 103Rh)
    Probe 1H-19F distribution 5 mm                             (G max = 1000 G/cm)
  • Spectrometer Bruker Avance I - 500 MHz
    Probe 1H-X opposite 5 mm                                  (avec 31P < X < 103Rh)
    Probe 13C-1H 5mm
    Probe 1H-13C opposite 2.5 mm                            (Vminimal = 50 μL)
    Probe 1H-2H 5 mm                                            (Lock 19F)
  • Spectrometer Bruker Avance III - 400 MHz
    Probe 1H-X opposite 5 mm                                   (with 31P < X < 103Rh)
    Automatic boatman of sample

    Access "self-service store"
  • Spectrometer Bruker Avance I - 300 MHz
    Probe 1H-19F-31P-13C 5 mm
    Automatic boatman of sample
  • Micro-viscosimeter
    Measure of dynamic viscosity for samples of 1 mL.

The services

  • The experiences of RMN below are practicable in the service of RMN:
  • Multi-pits (1H, 13C, 31P, 15N, 2H, 19F, 109Ag, 199Hg, 27Al, 29Si, 11B, 195Pt, etc...)
  • Transfer of polarization and editing
  • Selective irradiations: NOE difference, Gay man-decoupling, suppresion of solvent
  • Correlations homo - nuclear powers: COSY, NOESY, ROESY, TOCSY, EXSY
  • Correlations hétéro - nuclear powers: HMQC, HSQC, HMBC, HOESY
  • Combined experiences: HSQC-TOCSY
  • Measures of molecular dynamics
  • Measures of réactionnelle kinetics
  • Methods of quantification and measure of concentration
  • Interaction ligand-inhibitor: STD, WaterLOGSY
  • Measures of coefficient of distribution: DOSY 1H et 19F


The experiences are charged with regard to the time of use of spectrometers.
Download the catalog of rates

Photo gallery of the service

A small outline of our Scientific Service