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Service: Handicap


The University of Strasbourg has committed itself, via its Service Handicap to facilitate the integration of permanently or temporarily handicapped students: personal contact partner, special attention to the needs of handicapped students, personnel and technical assistance, accommodation of examination time.

The Service Handicap is part of the Service for the Academic Life. Its key objectives are:

  • Accompanying handicapped students during the pursuit of their studies and facilitate their integration into the labour market (personnel and technical assistance, networking)
  • Coordinating all actions in relation with the handicap (assistance of handicapped students and staff, event preparation, consciousness raising within the academic community, elaboration of partnerships in the framework of the development of personal career plans...)
  • Application of the special devices on the national and regional level (Charte Université-Handicap, convention de partenariat avec la MDPH du Bas-Rhin...)


Service de la vie universitaire
Mission handicap
Building Le Patio
22 rue René Descartes
67084 Strasbourg Cedex
Tel. : 03 68 85 65 47
Email : svu-handicap@unistra.fr

Opening hours :
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday : 9-12am / 1:30 to 5pm
Friday : 9-12am / 1:30-4pm
Closed on Wednesday

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Retrieve all information on assistance measures for students with special needs at the dedicated university website "Disability Support".

Contact persons at the Faculty of Chemistry

Contact Professor

Institute of Chemistry of Strasbourg
4 Rue Blaise Pascal
67081 Strasbourg
Phone :
email: grosdemange@unistra.fr

Administrative Contact

Nathalie RUEFF
Faculty of Chemistry
Training Department
1, rue Blaise Pascal
67008 Strasbourg cedex
Phone :
email: nathalie.rueff@unistra.fr

Downlaod the practical guide for students with special needs