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Arriving within an exchange program

In the framework of our different agreements, students coming from one of our partner universities have the possibility to:

  • follow courses during one or two semestres and validate the year in their home university or
  • do an internship in one of our research teams

You should therefore find out about the courses offered in Strasbourg choose those corresponding to your field. For more information, you can contact:

Advice: Even if it is authorized to draw courses from the different programmes, combining courses from more than two programmes often turns out to be impossible because of timetable conflicts.

For administrative procedures, contact the International Relations Department of your university. You will also find information on the website of the International office of the University of Strasbourg. Please note, there are deadlines for the submission of applications!

If your application is accepted by the University of Strasbourg, you will receive a form request for a room / studio in a university campus. If you prefer to live in an apartment, alone or in a shared apartment, you have to take the necessary steps yourself.

For most international mobility, it is possible to apply for a scholarship. Under certain conditions, you can receive a scholarship from the French government (see the CampusBourses website for general information).