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Bachelor degrees

Please note that there will be some changes in the degrees offered by our faculty in the course of january 2018.


3rd year Licence of Chemistry-Physics
3rd year Licence of Chemistry

3rd year Professional Licence in Synthetic Chemistry

3rd year Licence of Maths-Chemistry-Physics
Material Sciences

3rd year Licence of Maths-Chemistry-Physics
Preparation for school teacher exams

2nd year Licence of Chemistry
2nd year Licence of 
1st year Licence of Chemistry
1st year Licence of 

The Faculty of Strasbourg proposes two Bachelor degrees

  • Bachelor of Chemistry

    During the third year, the Licence divides into three majors:
    • Major: Chemistry
    • Major: Chemistry-Physics
    • Major: Professional Licence in Synthetic Chemistry (opens in 2012)
    For all three majors, teaching focuses on molecular, organic, inorganic and organometallic Chemistry. These large fondamental areas are complemented by physical and analytical Chemistry, the apprenticeship of informatic tools and languages. Teaching is based on an important volume of practical work.

  • Bachelor of Physical Chemistry
    This speciality is multidisciplinary and well-balanced between Physics and Chemistry. It is designed either for students who wish to pursue their studies at the interface between Chemistry and Physics or students who plan to prepare the entrance exams for school teachers. During the thrid year, the Licence divides into two majors :
    • Major: Material Sciences
    • Major: Preparation for school teacher entrance exams

Bachelor course lists

Find the list of courses in the different Bachelor degrees below: