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Seminar by Dr. Matthieu Saubanère, Institut Charles Gerhardt, Montpellier

Le 14/11/2019
De 11h00 à 12h30
Salle Demuynck, Institut Le Bel (2nd floor, south)


Magnetic properties of Ruthenium and Iridium oxides



4d and 5d based oxides consist in a amazing play ground for the discovery and the understanding of unconventional magnetic behavior. Indeed, in such materials the competition between electron delocalization, Coulomb repulsion and spin-orbit coupling interaction leads to complex magnetic phenomena  such as spin-liquid, spin glasses, itinerant anti-ferromagnetism, frustration, magnetic phase transition, etc. During this seminar several examples will be discuss in light of recent joined experimental and theoretical studies. In particular the competition between ferro-magnetism vs anti-ferromagnetism, spin glasses and magnetic frustration in the Ru-based Perovskite family CaRuO3, SrRuO3 and Na0.5La0.5RuO3, the itinerant anti-ferromagnetism of BaRu2O6 and  phases transitions in Kagome lattices LixIrO3 will be addressed.